An Exceptional Club for Women in Baltimore


Our members are our biggest asset!  We love to hear about how the members so enjoy the club and its many offerings.  Read some comments members have made to see why the club is exceptional!
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The selection of speakers at the Hamilton Street Club is without compare. There aren’t enough days in my calendar to see all the programs I am interested in, and I always leave with something new to talk or think about, warmed by great conversation over an excellent lunch.  – Jo M.

We wanted a place where women with brains could meet without the strain of a worthwhile purpose. – A 1928 Founder

As a new resident of Baltimore, I joined the Club to expand my network of friends and to learn more about the community. I felt – and still feel – I had found a home base for friendship and lively discussion.  – Mary W.

I joined because of the welcoming and stimulating members. The staff goes out of their way to make us feel pampered – not only with wonderful cuisine, but they remember our likes and dislikes.  – Carol A.

I joined the Club about 25 years ago because the members were an interesting and intelligent group.  They definitely still are, and they represent many careers.  – Barbara S.

In 1931, the image of the Club was that it was supposed to be for interesting women.  That’s held on.  Back then, some members were designated to serve for the day.  I remember one woman did that on roller skates.  She served sandwiches very fast… a wonderful, humorous woman.  – Betty T.

The members are the soul of the club, and what a wonderful group of women they are: not just stimulating conversationalists, but deep-down explorers of intellect and heart. – Diane S.

Just casually chatting at the club keeps me current on so many topics—especially books and movies that might appeal to me, or not! – Nancy C.

I continue to derive great pleasure in the company of the active and accomplished Hamilton Street Club women. We are a cohort of nearly 200, and each has an interesting life story, a suggestion of a favorite book to read, and travel adventures to share. – Rosemary E.

As a new member of the club several years ago, I was introduced to an older member who told me: “You can be sure that you will always have an interesting conversation at the Hamilton Street Club.” – Judy S.

All my working years, I was in a pretty narrow niche—since I retired and joined the Hamilton Street Club, I feel my world has really opened, talking to so many new friends here with truly fascinating work and life experiences. – New Member

Apart from the great company and the delicious lunches at the club, the program committee finds an extraordinary selection of diverse and fascinating speakers for us.  – Bettina J.